About us

Ocean IMR

Ocean IMR is an oil service company providing inspection, maintenance and repair services on drilling components.

Through our database Ocean Data Pool, we provide complete management of our clients drilling components. We are fully digitalized and our clients have all documentation and services available through OceanDataPool.

Our goal is to continuously improve and grow our business in a responsible & sustainable manner, and increase our capacity by deploying new technology & automatization.

Our values


Ocean IMR firmly believes that the futures leading companies have to implement safe and sustainable business models, minimize their footprint, and implement new technology in order to digitalize and automatize their processes. We aim to become one of those companies.


In order to meet our customers requirements and deadlines we must have a pro-active approach to our business. We use our experience in tubular and BHA management to the best of our abilities to foresee potential challenges and problems and solve them as swift and accurate as possible.


We take great pride in our work and services. We strive to achieve on-time delivery, to meet or exceed the expected quality, and to always be a trusted and reliable partner.


Ocean IMR aims to work in accordance with our strategy and values in an effective way to achieve a competitive edge in the market.

Our strategy


Zero Harm Philosophy


Ocean IMR strives to develop a sustainable business model in terms of our environmental impact and achieve a sustainable relationship with our customers, employees, partners and community.


Ocean IMR is founded on the basic principle of running a profitable business. In order to ensure profitability in the future we must run a safe and sustainable business.